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Company SMEK is located in the industrial area of Sindos in Thessaloniki.  The founders of the company, Varitis Christos and Tsilinikos Vasileios, have been involved in the packing industry since 1978.  In 1993, they created the present company, which has the major activity of designing, manufacturing and trading packing machinery. 

SMEK, from its initial appearance in the industry, has claimed, conquered and continues to possess a leading role, firstly in the Greek market and consequently in the Balkan and further European markets.  The establishment of the company was based on the know-how and the experience of the founders, as well as on the observation and the adoption of international technological advancements in the packing sector.  

Undoubtfully, the main purpose and aim of the company is the continuous effort for improvement in the quality of design and also the application of proper materials, so that the machines meet the always increasing demands of the market. 

The biggest advantage of SMEK is the ability to offer pioneering solutions to any assignment by totally adjusting the design of its packing machines.  Generally, the company undertakes the primary design, the manufacture and the service of:

  • Complete factories - production lines
  • Full lines of products
  • Complexes
  • Individual packing machines for many types of industry.
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